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O² Performance Cycling Center

CompuTrainer systems are the ideal bike training tool.  The combination of controlled power and instantaneous technique feedback allows riders and coaches to design sessions that address a variety of development needs.

The O² Performance Cycling Center is equipped with 9 CompuTrainers that give cyclists and triathletes the opportunity to ride hundreds of courses from around world on their own schedule. Athletes can choose to ride course selections solo, or with the instruction of a trainer, or with up to 8 riders simultaneously.

O² Performance Cycling Center utilizes the global up-link feature within the CompuTrainer systems that allows Teams from around the world to race each other without ever rubbing elbows. Get our Team together and race against a Team in New York, or London or even Australia!

Via GPS downloads, the CompuTrainer allows for a limitless selection of courses. Not only does our system allow cyclist to ride real-world courses, but it also allows for us to custom design specific courses or training programs, which is a great benefit when doing power based interval work-outs. The facility also has a dedicated equipment for Functional Power Testing, Lactate Threshold Testing and Altitude Training.

The CompuTrainer system allows cyclists and triathletes to execute very specific and monitored workouts or replicate training sessions to calculate the exact wattages/cadences required for a successful ride. Have you ever motor-paced indoors? Well its possible with the CompuTrainer system! With countless courses available to train with, and valuable feedback given both in real-time and post ride, the CompuTrainer provides the most comprehensive and effective indoor cycling experience ever created. Consistent riding sessions on our systems can increase an athlete’s cycling power by 20 – 30% and speed by 2 to 4 MPH.

When our CompuTrainer Cycling Systems are used in conjunction with our Hypoxico Altitude Systems… Be prepared to soar higher than you ever have before!

O² Performance Cycling Center facility is open to all levels of riders and coaches seeking to develop and improve specific aspects of their cycling skill set. With one or more of our instructors leading the session, or simply riding on your own, or riding within a group, you will ride away with a better understanding and appreciation of the skills required to become a more efficient, powerful and confident cyclist.


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